Who We Are

Reservists on Duty is a non-profit organization established in 2015 by Israeli reserve combat soldiers who felt they had a duty to expose and counter the BDS movement and new forms of anti-Semitism erupting on college campuses across America.

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What We Do

Reservists on Duty works to engage college students through a number of projects which challenge BDS and the industry of lies being sold to them, and reframes the conversation about Israel.

Within Israel, we focus on countering organizations that assist and enable BDS and the demonization of Israel. Reservists on Duty works to expose the real intentions of non-governmental organizations, and seeks to uncover and challenge the serious damage wreaked by these organizations on Israel.

Our Work
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Our Philosophy

The organizations fueling contemporary anti-Semitism do so by spreading distortions of the truth that not only target the legitimacy of the Jewish state, but the entire Jewish people. Deliberately avoiding apologetic Hasbara, RoD adopts a more assertive and proactive approach to directly confront BDS and organizations that defame Israel and the IDF.

Reservists on Duty bring Israeli reservists to US campuses to counter lies with the truth. In addition, we train Jewish students to speak with knowledge and confidence on behalf of Israel.

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