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Defending freedom from hate

About Us

Reservists on Duty bring IDF veterans to US campuses to directly challenge BDS and its industry of lies. 
Through our programs, we train college students and IDF reservists to speak with knowledge and confidence on behalf of Israel.

In Israel, Reservists on Duty focuses on exposing and countering non-governmental organizations that assist and enable the BDS movement and the demonization of Israel.

Our Programs

The Gideon Group

The Gideon Group is a comprehensive training program for college students and IDF reservists which provides in depth knowledge of the reality in Israel as well as the tools for combatting BDS on US campuses.

The Minorities Project

Israel is a democratic and pluralistic society with Jewish, Arab, Christians, Muslims and Druze living side by side in peaceful coexistence.

The Minorities Group aims to emphasize this reality by providing delegations comprised of Israeli minorities the opportunity to share their personal stories and experiences serving in the IDF/National Service.

Sharing the Truth about Israel

"I came back home with a certain sadness from what I had seen but also with renewed hope. If any of those students go home and do some research, or question the claims on an “Israel apartheid wall” next time they see it on campus, then we have succeeded."
Shir Cohen

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