An IDF reservist at York University: Dialogue? Not a chance

In one of the skirmishes that evening, I was shoved sideways, and as my head was contorted down towards the ground, I saw a book As we crouched against the stone wall, rocks whizzed over our heads at terrifying speeds. I took stock of our situation, and realized there was a legitimate danger that we could be overrun. Slowly, I lifted my head above the wall to take stock of our situation. A split second after my eyes had cleared the wall, a rock the size of an orange slammed into the front of my helmet, stunning me, and knocking me straight onto my back. Had I come up a few milliseconds quicker, the rock would have hit my face rather than my helmet. My teammate grabbed my vest and pulled me back against the stone wall, which was all that separated us from an angry group of Palestinians that had followed us for the past 2 miles and seemed hell bent on stoning us to death. As my senses came back to me, the first thing I heard were

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