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In recent years, we have witnessed a significant change in direction with everything regarding the various minorities living in the State of Israel. This is reflected, among other things, in an increase in the number of Arab Israelis, Christians, Muslims and Druze, who choose to emphasize their Israeli identity.

If until recently, among the minorities in Israel, many have refrained from openly expressing their support for Israel for fear of their lives, the geopolitical reality around the country allows this situation to change.

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Why We Built This Project

Reservists on Duty’s minorities group was founded in 2017 with the understanding that we must work in full cooperation; us, who live on this land and whom the State of Israel is precious to.
Through this group we learn about the lives of minorities here in the State of Israel, and provide them with a platform to tell their personal stories as well as their experiences in the military/national service, and present their perspective on life in Israel.
Our desire to recruit these courageous young activists stemmed from the understanding that they are the best answer to the manipulative and false claims of the various boycott organizations. Under the guise of human rights organizations, these organizations cynically exploit minorities in Israel to attack the State of Israel. They have created a reality in which Israel oppresses and discriminates against the minorities living within it. The minorities group’s activists refute these lies within their life stories.

As part of the Minorities Project, we are opening the first training program for minority Israelis who want to take an active role in defending our country in the diplomatic field.

As part of the program we will learn from the best lecturers, different facts and angles about the State of Israel, and we will learn and practice how to present these professionally.

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