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In the recent past, there have been a growing number of Arab Christian, Muslim and Druze Israeli minority group members who have chosen to emphasize their Israeli identity. Initially, they appeared before select groups who were eager to hear their personal stories. Of late, they have also begun to tell their stories on social media, and as part of larger meetings in which they participate.
While it is not new for minorities to feel a strong Israeli identity, until recently they were reluctant to openly express their solidarity with Israel, for fear of the Arab media’s pressure and slander.

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Why We Built This Project

We built the Minorities Project in order to publicize the minorities’ personal stories, including their experiences in military/national service, and to express their perspective on life in Israel for minority group members. Our desire to enlist these brave young activists was driven by the realization that they would be a powerful rebuke to the manipulative and highly misleading claims of BDS groups, especially the SJP. Under the false pretense of “human rights,” such groups cynically exploit minority groups in order to attack the State of Israel. They have invented narratives of oppression and exploitation of minority groups, that actual minority group members – our activists – can expose as ideologically-driven fabrications.

We see this panel of minority members, the first of its kind, as of the utmost importance. These are first-hand testimonies, of both Israelis and Palestinians who desire to expose the truth about the State of Israel.

We call for an end to the cynical exploitation of minorities by those who seek to demean Israel. Instead, we show the reality of minorities in Israel, a reality of respect, safety and security, standing in stark contrast to other minorities who are being butchered every day across the Middle East.

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