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The Gideon Group is Reservist’s on Duty flagship project, and in fact constitutes the comprehensive training program for the organization’s activists.

The objective of the training program is to provide a significant and profound knowledge of the reality in Israel as it is today and in its historical perspective.

Beyond the great content, the program familiarizes its participants with the major players in the complex foreign relations arena, in particular the boycott organizations leading the campaign of de-legitimization against Israel.

The program also provides tools for dealing in the diplomatic field, specifically with the anti-Israeli activists on the campuses, in order to fight the lies spread about the State of Israel.

This group of activists is the core of our organization.

At a time when hate organizations are defaming Israel in every possible stage, there is a huge need for strong and knowledgeable activists who know Israel, the IDF and the impossible reality we live in, to fight and refute the lies that the anti-Israel organizations are spreading.

In cooperation with local pro-Israeli Jewish organizations, it is possible to reach a significant turning point in the struggle for the image of the State of Israel.

There are currently three training groups in three different universities:

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, where a fourth group at Tel Aviv University is also to join.

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What Our Volunteers Have to Say

"The Gideon Group gave me the chance to personally make a difference in the lives of Jewish and Pro Israeli students suffering from abuse at the hands of BDS groups on American campuses."
Kayla Dolin
Gideon Group Alumni
"RoD gave us the platform to defend Israel using our own experiences from the IDF. Students on college campuses today don’t care about facts, stories are what resonates with them. It’s amazing to see the change in their perspective once hearing our stories.”
Leor Bialy
Gideon Group Alumni
"Sitting in Israel and watching it continue to be misrepresented around the world isn't fun, especially when I know that I can help. To know that I can make a difference AND that RoD can get me to those places has allowed me to engage in meaningful dialogue and help others learn the truth about Israel."
Daniel Hochman
Gideon Group Alumni

What does training include?

• Lectures and meetings with opinion leaders, journalists, military personnel, politicians and senior intellectuals.

• Practice sessions standing in front of an audience, giving lectures, mock debates, editing videos and more.

• Exposure to new strategies for changing the discourse about Israel.

• Enrichment tours in strategic areas (Hebron, the Gaza border, etc.)


• The program at each campus begins shortly after the start of the school year and continues throughout the year.

• The meetings in the training program take place once every two weeks for about four hours. Each campus will meet on a different day, the dates will be published at the beginning of the school year.

In addition to the group meetings, there will also be tours and joint events for all campuses throughout the year.

• All meetings and events in the program are mandatory.

• Part of the program will be in English.

Want to hear more? Want to take part in the program? Registration for the 2018-2019 school year has begun!