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The Gideon Project was created by the Reservists On Duty team to give students fluent in English a chance to represent and defend Israel internationally after their service. The central emphasis of the project is having former soldiers with diverse backgrounds join to be taught by top professionals in the field.
The team works with the best possible ambassadors enriching them with the tools needed and sends them to the United States and Canada as delegations. The participants chosen as delegates will speak about Israel and the IDF through the stories of their own journeys and first hand experiences.

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Why Us?

Our participants have experienced first-hand the regular struggles, dilemmas, and challenges that IDF soldiers and Israeli citizens confront day-to-day.

On the other hand, as American/ Canadian citizens and former students in colleges and universities, they speak the language and understand the mindset of the local student population.

They understand what they are going through, and can communicate with them as peers, heart to heart. The delegates are just like the students, average American teens, who nonetheless have been in Israel and in the IDF.

This equips the average participant with reliability and a strong capability to represent Israel in the best way possible.

What Our Volunteers Have to Say

"The Gideon Group gave me the chance to personally make a difference in the lives of Jewish and Pro Israeli students suffering from abuse at the hands of BDS groups on American campuses."
Kayla Dolin
Gideon Group Alumni
"RoD gave us the platform to defend Israel using our own experiences from the IDF. Students on college campuses today don’t care about facts, stories are what resonates with them. It’s amazing to see the change in their perspective once hearing our stories.”
Leor Bialy
Gideon Group Alumni
"Sitting in Israel and watching it continue to be misrepresented around the world isn't fun, especially when I know that I can help. To know that I can make a difference AND that RoD can get me to those places has allowed me to engage in meaningful dialogue and help others learn the truth about Israel."
Daniel Hochman
Gideon Group Alumni

Volunteers Will:

• Meet with top Israeli army officials

• Attend classes with leaders in the field on improving Israel’s stance abroad

• Learn strategies to reframe the conversation

• Undergo debate simulations

• Top volunteers will be sent abroad to represent the group during various delegations.

• Meet with senior Israeli officials​

Before you apply:

• Each participant agrees to give a recorded interview about themselves and their military service.

• This program meets twice a month (5 hours each session) On Friday mornings until noon

• All meetings are mandatory and will be held at the relevant University.
• Preference to Olim and former lone soldiers

• The program is held in English

• You must be able to fly for at least a week to the US during March-April 2018 and show general willingness to fly throughout the year in the organization’s delegations

Join over 200 volunteers