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Passionate about Israeli Advocacy?
Interested in learning about the policies in the Middle East while connecting with other like-minded young Jewish professionals?

Reservists on duty is coming to NYC!

  • The Gideon Project is now opening in New York City for a diplomacy and leadership program.
    Now you have a chance to take part in defending Israel and doing something meaningful.

    During monthly sessions you’ll get:
  • Interesting lectures from accredited speakers
  • Public Advocacy Training
  • Leadership building
  • Effective Communication workshops
  • Networking sessions

    Food and beverages will be supplied during all sessions


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What Our Volunteers Have to Say

"The Gideon Group gave me the chance to personally make a difference in the lives of Jewish and Pro Israeli students suffering from abuse at the hands of BDS groups on American campuses."
Kayla Dolin
Gideon Group Alumni
"RoD gave us the platform to defend Israel using our own experiences from the IDF. Students on college campuses today don’t care about facts, stories are what resonates with them. It’s amazing to see the change in their perspective once hearing our stories.”
Leor Bialy
Gideon Group Alumni
"Sitting in Israel and watching it continue to be misrepresented around the world isn't fun, especially when I know that I can help. To know that I can make a difference AND that RoD can get me to those places has allowed me to engage in meaningful dialogue and help others learn the truth about Israel."
Daniel Hochman
Gideon Group Alumni

Want to hear more? Want to take part in the program? Registration for the 2018-2019 school year has begun!

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