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BRUSSELS – For the first time, Israeli NGO Reservists on Duty addressed the EU Parliament in Brussels.

Four reservist combat soldiers shared emotional testimonies, emphasizing the difficulty and shock they’ve experienced when confronted by Palestinian terrorists using human shields – mainly women and children.

Noy Leyb, who was born in Canada and made aliyah when he was 18, said that although he was trained to fight, he never thought he’d have “to face two innocent Palestinian teenagers” who had been sent to infiltrate into Israel from Gaza by Hamas to check the IDF’s blind spots and try to attack soldiers.

“It was 2 a.m. and the two 14-year-olds who had infiltrated through the border were shivering and shaking [from fear]. They were holding knives – not hiding them like terrorists usually do – and had been given a ‘glorified story’ to take knives and kill an IDF soldier.”

He said that when he saw them all he could think was: “What are these kids doing here?”

Leyb explained that war is not “black and white, it’s dirty,” but “when I see kids being used in warfare, it sickens me.”
“It’s unforgivable,” he said, adding that it was time for Europe and its politicians to wake up.

Noam Kampler explained that one of the most eye-opening experiences for him was when he arrested the 15-year-old terrorist who had murdered nurse and mother of four, Daphna Meir, in Otniel.

“All I could think was: How can a 15-year-old kid stab a mother of four to death? How could he have committed such an evil, brutal attack?” he recalled.

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