King’s College London postpones pro-Israel event during Apartheid Week

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King’s College London decided to postpone a scheduled pro-Israel event with Arab-Israeli speakers at the last minute due to “high risk factors” – this in the midst of anti-Israel Apartheid Week events taking place on the campus.

Jonathan Elkhoury, one of the scheduled speakers, told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday that the postponement of a pro-Israel event with minority speakers during Apartheid Week, “one of the campus’s flagship events that it continually promotes,” was “outrageous – and another attempt to silence and hide the truth about Israel from the dialogue.”

“While the majority of anti-Israel activists have never been to Israel or met a person from Israel, they are given the freedom to spread lies,” he said. “A panel of Israeli speakers, from the Christian, Beduin, Muslim and Druse communities, coming to dispel their claims, is silenced and canceled.”

CAMERA (The Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America) on Campus had invited Arab-Israeli and minority speakers of the anti-BDS group Reservists on Duty to speak at a pro-Israel event titled “Is Israel an Apartheid State?” However, shortly before the scheduled event, the college emailed the organizers and said that the event would have to be postponed.

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