IfNotNow gatecrash new Birthright group, go on east Jerusalem tour

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Six young Jews from the US associated with the left-wing IfNotNow organization have again gatecrashed a Birthright trip in Israel, participated in part of the 10-day tour and then demonstratively left in protest at what they said is a lack of perspective provided during the visit on the Palestinian narrative of the conflict with Israel.

The group of participants associated with IfNotNow live-streamed their protest on Facebook.

The Reservists on Duty pro-Israel organization said that “It turns out that the extreme left organizations have a new hobby. To use Zionist donor funds to promote their despicable propaganda. If so far they have tried to cause friction between Israel and the rest of the world, they are now also trying to destroy the special connection between Diaspora Jewry and the State of Israel. Reservists on Duty have warned for a long time that the various hate organizations are using any ways possible to blacken the image of the State of Israel. We call upon these organizations to remove their hands from the wonderful and important Birthright project and to stop their sickly obsession with the Jewish state.”

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