The NGO Reservists on Duty pushed back at Umarji’s talk and made clear that the counter-protesters on campus are not active soldiers and have no direct contact with the IDF. Further, many of the organization’s volunteers were never soldiers, but rather are Israeli minorities, such as Druze, Muslims and Christians who “want to refute the lies and plots that Umarji and his colleagues disseminate at UCI and other college campuses throughout the States,” Reservists on Duty CEO Amit Deri told The Jerusalem Post.

“Despite what he says…we know very well that anti-Zionism is the new antisemitism,” Deri continued. 

He noted that at a time when some organizations on campus are working to delegitimize Israel, harassing Jewish and pro-Israel students, “we would be happy to stand by anyone who asks for our assistance, Jews and non-Jews alike.”

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