CAIR Director Compares Israel to Nazi Germany at UC Irvine

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Elkhoury is a Lebanese Christian who became an Israeli citizen after fleeing Lebanon. Elkhoury now fights anti-Zionist activities on U.S. college campuses with Reservists on Duty (ROD), a group that combats BDS and the demonization of Israel.

ROD’s deputy director Yair Eliash slammed Ayloush’s speech, charging the CAIR director with revealing “deeply embedded anti-Semitism.”

“On the one hand, his lecture hit all the right buzz words, such as ‘human rights’ and ‘fighting for justice,’ but on the other hand he refused to condemn Hamas, regardless of its systematic human rights violations,” Eliash told Breitbart News. “He also compared Israel to Nazis, an outrageous and false claim and one that does a great injustice to all those millions who suffered at the hands of a genocidal regime.”

“Anti-Semitism, whether by white supremacists or by the various ‘Palestinian Justice’ organizations, is wrong, ugly, and should be entirely condemned,” he added.

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