In June, it will be one year since 24-year-old Boston native Rebecca Rum (not her full name for security purposes) was falsely accused of being the sniper who fatally shot a 21-year-old Palestinian nurse. Today, Rum is focused on spreading the truth about Israel and the IDF.

Rum moved to Israel in 2012 and joined the army that same year. She served three years in active duty, including as a commander in the educational corps, and is now an active reservist. But one of the most transformational moments of her life was around this time last year, when Suhair Nafal from Chicago posted a photograph of Rum smiling in full uniform and holding an M16, naming Rum the murderer of 21-year-old Razan Ashraf al-Najjar, a Gazan nurse who was shot in the stomach while providing first aid to wounded demonstrators near the fence outside Khan Yunis.

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