Anti-Israel hate at an anti-racism rally in Scotland

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On March 17, a rally took place in Glasgow organized by Stand Up to Racism, a group that supposedly protests all forms of racism, including antisemitism, but the hate on the streets of Glasgow on a cold Scottish Saturday was palpable.

Most shocking was that vicious racists insults, provocations, and minor violence took place during this anti-racism, antisemitism, rally.

The main target was Israel, and victims of this abuse were Scottish Christians and Jews, an Israeli-Arab Christian named Jonathan Elkhoury, Mohammad Kabiya, an Israeli Muslim, and a Druze girl named Lorena Khattib. They were representing Israeli minorities and happened to be in Scotland as delegates of the Israeli organization Reservists on Duty, which was being hosted by COFIS, the Coalition of Friends of Israel Scotland.

The provocations were led by the infamous Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the far-left Red Front Republic fringe group, which marched under the communist hammer and sickle banner. Chanting “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free,” a dog whistle for a world without the Jewish State, and an affront to the raison d’etre of the rally, they forced the Israeli participants to be isolated from the parade and to suffer indignities from these provocateurs.

“The racists of the BDS campaign basically controlled the streets during this rally,” Nigel Goodrich, the COFIS convener, said. The police, in their effort to ensure disruptions and violence were minimized, were compliant in allowing the Israeli delegation to be detached from the main body of the rally.

Clashes occurred and, as Jonathan Elkhoury, an ex-Lebanese Christian whose family had to escape death threats from Hezbollah and are now living as Israelis in Haifa, told me, “we were called ‘child murderers,’ ‘racists,’ ‘fascists,’ and accused of ‘killing children.’ When we tried to reason with the haters and tell them who we are and what we represent, they shoved us and tried take down our banners and flags.”

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