About Us

Reservists on Duty (RoD) was established in 2015 by Israeli reserve combat soldiers and officers who felt it was their duty to expose and counter BDS, the new anti-Semitism erupting on college campuses across America. We are a non-political organization and benefit from the support of all the political parties across the Zionist spectrum.

In Israel we work to counter the Israeli non-profit organizations that assist BDS. As an important part of our mission, RoD works to expose the real intentions of non-governmental organizations such as Breaking the Silence and B’Tselem, and the serious damage that these organizations have already caused and seek to continue to cause to Israel, both directly and indirectly.

Our Philosophy

The organizations fueling the new anti-Semitism are doing so by spreading misconceptions that not only target the legitimacy of the Jewish state, but target the entire Jewish People as well.

What is required, we believe, is a new, more assertive approach. therefore, RoD does not engage in ‘Hasbara’ (‘Israeli public diplomacy’) something that has unfortunately evolved into “apologizing prior to commencing any debate”.

Rather, unlike other pro-Israel organizations that work on campuses, we take an extremely proactive approach towards confronting BDS and the movements that defame Israel and the IDF. We do this by bringing IDF reserve soldiers to US campuses to counter BDS with the truth and reality of the Palestinian “narrative”; we train American Jewish students to speak on behalf of Israel with knowledge and self confidence, and we educate the entire student population to the horrendous terror attacks that take place here on a regular basis, and the hatred that they represent.

Our Goals


Expose the supporters of BDS, which is the new anti-Semitism, both in Israel, and in particular on college campuses in the US.


Reinvigorate, update, and disseminate the Jewish and Israeli narratives as a way to regain Jewish pride among American Jewish youth.


Educate and train students and former IDF Lone Soldiers (returning to the United States) for targeted activism on American campuses.

Accomplishing Our Goals

We recognize that American pro-Israel Jewish students are at the forefront of the struggle on American campuses; they are in strong need of education, strengthening and encouragement. Realistically, only strong, knowledgeable and effectively trained students can be effective on this front.

What we believe is currently lacking in the ongoing struggle is activism: more pro-action and less reaction, more willingness to call out the distortions by our adversaries, and less willingness to apologize to them.The keys to effective activism are intellectual rigour, a belief in the justness of our mission, the right tools and the motivation to act.

We believe that our trainers and coaches will be able to make a difference and to enhance the efforts of American student activists on campuses. Our trainers and coaches are largely Americans who have been Lone Soldiers in the IDF.
They have volunteered to serve as coaches, guides and role models for their counterparts on American campuses.

These young people uniquely understand both the challenges that exist on American campuses and the reality of the situation in Israel. They are men and women whose direct experience has prepared them to be effective representatives of Israel, and inspiring guides to jewish students on American campuses.